Working in a safer & cleaner environment is a must! 

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enziSurf HIGH

Multi-enzymatic foaming  ready to use spray  for high surfaces cleaning

Deep clean

Compatible with all materials

Highly active enzymatic complex

Ready to use

Conservation : 24 months  

Biodegradability ≥ 95% 

enziSurf ROUTINE

Multi-Enzymatic solution  for daily cleaning of floors & surfaces

Concentrated formulation combining raw materials of plant origin with enzymes for greater efficiency

non-aggressive for the user and the equipment in contact

Fresh and natural fragrance based on essential oils

Deep cleaning

Compatible with all materials

Biodegradability rate > 97% in 28 days (OECD 302B)

enziSurf INTENSE

Concentrated Enzymatic complex  for in-depth surface cleaning 

Safety: recovers the grip of the ground and reduces the risk of accidents due to slipping

Recovers the shine of materials

Deep cleaning

Non-irritant at the concentration recommended for personnel and equipment

Prevents blockages in pipes, thanks to the continuous action of enzymes

Positive impact on the environment (discharge of water “pre-purified”) Biodegradability rate> 95%