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Why are biofilms an issue?


Biofilms are responsible for 65% of all infections.¹

Medical Devices

are subject to contamination by biofilms.

Cleaning is crucial

It is impossible to disinfect or even sterilize inadequately-cleaned medical devices.4

Tolerance x1000

Bacteria are up to 1000x more tolerant to biocides if in a biofilm.


  is favored inside biofilms due to horizontal transfer of genes carrying antibiotics-resistance.


  • Most biofilms are multi-species. Even non biofilm-forming microbes can be sheltered in a biofilm (incl. multi-drug resistant bacteria like MRSA, CRE, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Legionella, E. coli, Viruses and Fungi). 

  • Biofilms develop frequently on Medical Devices.

  • Horizontal transfer of genes carrying antiobiotics-resistance is favored inside biofilms.

  • Biofilms form a protective barrier around infectious micro-organisms and enhance survival of exposure to antimicrobials.

  • Inorganic and organic materials interfere with the effectiveness of disinfectants and sterilization.³

  • Disinfectants are mostly tested against planktonic (free) bacteria, although 99% of bacteria naturally exist in a biofilm.

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Press Release: De Specialist - Opinies
FR: Une start-up trouvé comment mieux combattre les bactéries en milieu hospitalier 
Press Release: De Specialist - Opinies
NL: Onelife behaalt betere resultaten in bestrijding ziekenhuisbacterie met enzymen 
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OneLife lances ses enzymes contre les bactéries en milieu hospitalier 
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Effizientere Reinigung verschmutzter Endoskope 
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Maladies nosocomiales: le matériel medicalisation nest pas toujours bien nettoyé 
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Up to one in three endoscopes in hospitals contaminated by bacteria 

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NL: OneLife behaalt betere resultaten in bestrijding ziekenhuisbacterie met enzymen 

Press Release: L'ECHO
OneLife veut imposer ses enzymes dans les hôpitaux 

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NL: Vuile endoscopes, ondergefinancierde ziekenhuizen, patiënten in gevaar 

Press Release: MediQuality
FR: Endoscopes souillés, hôpitaux sous-financés, patients menacése 

Press Release: Belga
FR: Une start-up a trouvé comment mieux combattre les bactéries en milieu hospitalier 

OneLife achieved ISO13485

A recognition that WE consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements
Press Release: DE TIJD
OneLife continues its fight against biofilms in hospitals through natural enzymes

OneLife interviewed by Canal Z

OneLife strengthens its fight against Hospital Acquired infections.               

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