Detergents intended to treat medical devices are medical devices according to new EU regulation 2017/745 (MDR) which replaced Directive 93/42. As a result, our OneLife products are classified Class I medical devices. That said, detergents are also subject to 3 other European regulations:1 / EU Regulation N ° 1907/2006 = REACH Regulation on all chemical substances2 / EU Regulation No. 648/2004 = Regulation on detergents3 / Regulation (EC) n ° 1272/2008 = CLP (Classification, Labeling & Packaging) which regulates the marking, packaging and classification (pictograms) of chemicals.

OneLife products meet the requirements of the above mentioned regulations and are therefore compliant.


The Kit is designed to provide dentists, small medical and veterinary cabinets with the necessary material (1 Detect bottle of 950ml and a soaking tray) to conduct cleanliness testing of their own instruments after the washing process. 

The Kit can be used for 10 detections =100 instruments in total (1 detection -> 1 full basket of 10 instruments)