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 OneLife’s technology is based on biomimicry : Microbes naturally develop enzymes to free themselves from biofilm matrix. 

  • Patented biofilm cleaning technology developed between INRA  (French national institute for agronomical research) and Realco.

pH neutral or mild pH detergents

Better protection for materials

Non-corrosive for skin and materialS

No anti-bacterial resistance

Highly biodegradable

Enzymes vs traditional chemistry

EnzymeS vs. Traditional chemistry

Unlike traditional chemistry that lifts and holds soil particles in suspension, good enzyme detergents also dissolve soil in an irreversible reaction.

Enzymes are not degraded by their activity and are more effective for complex medical devices where mechanical action, like brushing, is difficult or some parts are inaccessible.

benefits of OneLife's multi-enzymatic compounds

  • Not all enzymatic detergents display high enzymatic activity.  OneLife possesses the know-how to achieve high enzymatic activity across a broad spectra of biofilm matrix and organic matter.

  • Continuously remodelled, specific matrix compositions require differentiated enzyme compounds to break them down (e.g. Proteases for proteins, Amylases for starches, Lipases for fatty matter).  OneLife detergents contain additional enzyme compounds and our formulae are patented.

  • Multiple enzymes are difficult to stabilize : types and concentrations are crucial to achieving efficacy across wide spectra of soil and biofilm matrices.

  • When combined with a biocide, enzymatic activity is compromised. Proteins (enzymes are proteins) are partially inactivated by positively-charged biocides (quaternary ammonium) due to charge interaction.