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What do we offer to Distributors?

  • A breakthrough in medical devices decontamination to mitigate the risk of infection in hospitals

  • A new and exclusive range of detergents for optimum cleaning of medical devices, outperforming all existing products : unique and patented multi-enzymes formulations to detect and eliminate biofilms and other soils, based on over 20 years experience in the food industry

  • Scientific independent in-vitro and in-vivo studies to demonstrate and validate the superior detergent performances and the entire elimination of biofilms and residual soiling


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What's in it for you? 

 Complementary : A range of innovative high level detergents to eliminate biofilm and other soils to ensure maximum efficacy of your medical device performances 

Unique : these patented multi-enzymes formulations outperform all current products, incl. enzymatic ones

A proven concept: validated by scientific studies and 20+ years experience in infection control 

A non-disruptive usage protocol

Innovative : R&D competency and resources to assist the launch + Exclusive partnership


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We are looking to expand into new markets and are therefore open to discuss potential partnerships

Even if your country is already listed, do not hesitate to contact us as we do have several domains of applications

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