Dissolve Biofilm

100% Cleanliness starts with DISSOLUTION

Specifically selected enzymes rinse bacteria away in 1 SINGLE CLEANING STEP 


One less risk in infection control

OneLife detergents enable complete disintegration of organic soil and biofilm matrix for completely clean instruments and optimal risk management.

  • OneLife’s enzymatic technology enables complete and irreversible degradation of organic soil and biofilm.

  • Preventive routine treatment, integrated into existing decontamination protocols, continually removes all soil, preventing re-formation of biofilm.

Comparative Test on Disintegration of biofilm matrix


*National Institute of Agronomical Research, France

OneLife's treatment vs standard cleaning


Due to the complexity and heterogeneity of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) from different biofilms, a blend of enzymes is required for degradation of biofilm matrix. OneLife's multi-enzymatic compounds are the only detergents to disintegrate biofilm matrix of 100% of tested strains. Other detergents attack 0 to 53% of strains.

OneLife EnziQure vs other detergents

Louvain Drug Research Institute of the Université Catholique de Louvain. Ability of 11 different Medical Device detergents to remove over 35% of biomass on 15 different strains of biofilm. Note : tests are conducted without mechanical action in order to achieve a direct comparison of detergent quality.

Consistently lowers contamination levels

Comparative study of OneLife’s technology, compared to competitor's detergent :

Comparative study - Endoscopes

Measurements were taken using ATP before and after the manual cleaning phase.  Only the chemistry was changed. Scopes were considered unclean if >200 RLUs were detected after the manual cleaning phase, according to Dr Alfa’s publication (Validation of adenosine triphosphate to audit manual cleaning of flexible endoscope channels, Alfa M. J., Fatima I., Olson N., 2013, American Journal of Infection Control)

Efficacy on contaminated scopes

Incidents occur despite the thorough decontamination protocols in place in hospitals. These tests were run on multiple patient-ready endoscopes. Current standards of cleaning and disinfection have displayed limitations when confronted with biofilms.  A single curative  treatment with enziQure® followed by high-level disinfection enabled reduction of microbiological contamination to acceptable levels.
Enziqure : Efficacity on contaminated scopes

ONELIFE Enzymes reduce resistance and persistencE

  • Resistance : Impeding exchange of antibiotic-resistant genes by lysing biofilms and reducing systematic use of disinfectants reduces antimicrobial resistance.

  • Persistence : A key factor in pathogen transmission is reduced by exposing pathogens before high-level disinfection.

One extra step towards zero infection.