Contamination risk is vastly under-estimated due to false negatives :

microorganisms hide in biofilm "fortresses".

Take Control

Visualize biofilm contamination

OneLife biofilm audits help visualization of biofilms with innovative detection technologies. A clinical study with UZ Ghent determined optimal techniques for accurate microbiological analysis of endoscope cleanliness, including identification of biofilms.

Expose sheltered microorganisms to avoid false negatives

Unlike current techniques that can fail to detect contamination protected by biofilm, OneLife's innovative solutions degrade biofilm matrices and expose sheltered bacteria. These can then be detected and removed



The Babyscope technology is a miniature fiberscope that enables inspection of endoscope lumens.

  • Enables direct visualization of contamination, water and potential damage.

  • This unique method can be applied to multiple types of endoscopes : gastro-intestinal, bronchoscopes and cystoscopes from various brands (Olympus, Fujifilm, Pentax…).

  • Works even in channels as narrow as 1.2 mm.


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DETECTION ON surgical instruments :

Detect Kit

Reveals organic contamination real-time on the surface of instruments by staining it with blue colorant.

Test is conducted on patient-ready instruments after washer-disinfector.

Its aim is to evaluate the quality of instrument cleaning.

Main advantages :

  • Immediate and unbiased results, visible directly on instruments surfaces.

  • High-throughput and quick interpretation of results

  • Training tool for CSSD workers

  • Patented and validated biofilm/soil detection technology.  

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